In today’s world, the effect of social media is such that until and unless we click and upload our adventures, those moments are considered worthless. And, with more and more people indulging in adrenaline rushing activities, the need of the hour is action camera that can capture such moments anytime and in any condition and replay them in high quality.

With that being said, the next question that comes into mind is the kind of action cam that you should look for. The market today is flooded with sports camera that caters to different objectives. In order to reduce your feeling of overwhelming, we have listed certain criteria that need to be fulfilled before you purchase-

Size & Built

The whole purpose of an action camera is that it can withstand natural elements and reach remote corners easily and that is why they need to have a durable built and be small in size.

Weather proof and every terrain proof are a must for any sports camera to be successful. There are some cameras that are made from water resistant material while there are others that need to be placed in a waterproof housing.


One of the most important qualities of any camera is the resolution and MP it can record footage. These days any camera worth its salt delivers 4k resolution videos with high-end Mega Pixel images. However, with that being said, depending upon your display device and the purpose of the action cam, you can decide if a 4k action camera is for you or not.


The purpose of sports camera is to capture different perspectives and that’s where its accessories play a critical role. With different accessories, you can capture various points of view and in diverse natural conditions. So, before buying any sports cam make sure to do a proper review of the accessories available.

Battery Life

What is the point of any camera if its battery dies on you at the critical point and more so if it is a sports cam that’s meant for capturing fast movements or adrenaline rush inducing moments. So, it is imperative to get one that has a long battery life and comes with a replaceable battery.


Memory plays a far more important role than just recording the content. A fast performing memory card ensures that there is no breakage in the footage and that data transfer at a faster rate. Considering this, a class 10 memory card is the perfect fit for most of the users.

If you are planning to buy an action camera for yourself then make sure that it fulfills the above mentioned criteria. presents 4k action camera Noise Play II that more than just fulfills these criteria with features like 16MP, HD, waterproof with housing along with being compatible with Android and iOS. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order for the same from the comfort of your home.

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